Month: June 2014

10 Usability troubles for Your UI Design

Ramkumar Kumaravel

Usability troubles are generally accessible strategies or rules that use information for controlling and solving problems that may occur between machines and human beings. These rules enable a usability audit or evaluation to be conducted on a UI Design to ensure that it is user friendly.

There are ten common principles for the user design interface. They are usually referred to as heuristics since they tend to be more of rules of thumb, rather than being precisely usability guidelines.

Usability troubles

1. Visibility of system status

The system should guarantee that its users are informed about everything that is happening. This should be done with appropriate feedback and within a reasonable timeline. For example, if it will take several minutes to load the screen or display the progress bars. Then the users should be informed about the time estimate that the function will take to load, this way, the consumers…

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No, I Will NOT Work For Free

Creative Conclusions

Spec Work Image

Starting this blog off right: with a rant!

I am a Graphic/Web Designer and Front End Web Developer. For those of you not familiar with the terms, this basically means that I can create anything from business cards to billboards to blogs – obviously not the physical billboard though; unfortunately I’m not quite THAT talented!

Clearly, I did not just wake up one day with a whole bunch of skills ranging from knowing when to use a Pantone spot color to how to create a slide in navigation system using jQuery. I’ve spent A LOT of time, effort, and money (and largely sacrificed my social life) in order to get started in my career.

Therefore, when I have potential clients informing me that they’re choosing between quite a few different designers and asking me to “just quickly whip up a business card” for them without notice, conversation, or MONEY, I’m…

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Creative Web Designs For Digital Marketing


When hiring a web design company you need to check for the visibility factors. It is necessary to stay within your budget as the business requirements are different. Make a list of the requirements, prioritize it correctly so that you can get the immense work related to the other standards. First you can check with the portfolios to determine the type of projects they handle, thus having a strong analysis. The testimonials must be positive to provide the goals and the type of the services. The web design agency usually outsources the work to the other companies so that the task is completed within the given period of time. You can tell the professional about the type of the website you require and they will make it accordingly.

Competent analysis is being made that gives long term benefits and avoid greater risks as a whole. They will give you a…

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Are you a graphic designer?

Or do you simply love graphic designs?

Either way, I am going to take you through the basics of what you need to know about becoming a graphic designer.
Art Graphics and design is engraved into our everyday lives. Everywhere we go we see beautiful art created by extremely talented graphic designers. Do you admire them? Do you want to be like them? You certainly can become a great graphic designer but there are a few tiny details you may want to know before going in.

Graphic design involves communicating ideas to the receiver through shapes, fonts, colours and images. You can do it on print and online. It involves so many aspects like; creating logos for companies, advertisements, packaging, digital design, branding, movie tickets, websites magazines. e.t.c. I could go on and on but i believe you understand the bountiful opportunities in graphic…

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Businesses Are Judged by Their Cover

Businesses often make the mistake of underestimating the power of brand identity. The reason for this is because they assume that a branding icon is used only to distinguish themselves from the next guy. Little do they know, they can use their icon as a business weapon.

Think about it. You as an owner decides to launch a start-up and needs to get in to the game among their competitors. Fact of the matter is, you need to get into the game fast and hard, and the only people that care about your business being a young baby is you. That’s it. Believe it or not, a good brand image and logo will get your foot into the door quicker and harder and can best tell your customers your story with little to no explanation.

Companies strive to be the next Apple or Target, but why would you want to hang with the big boys when your logo was made by an eighth grader using MS Paint? What about when your flyer for your sale event looks like a jumbled colored mess? There is a reason why companies like Nike pay top dollar for their designers. They are in fact a company that strive to be a titan in the market.

A logo design isn’t about creating a pretty icon. Through, research, planning, and execution, a good logo design is supposed to not only make you look reputable as a business owner, but to tell your consumers a story and to gain the confidence of your target demographic in your product.