Month: November 2015

Business/Designer Tips – It’s Perfect Not Being Perfect.

It’s OK to not be 100%
I’m sure most designers try to consistently put out A+ quality work each and every time, but the fact of reality is it will never happen.
There is no need to hold your work until you finally call it a wrap, just because you think it isn’t “perfect”. (What does perfect mean anyway?) I’m not saying that you should settle for mediocrity at times. You should still aim for top quality. What I am saying is that  holding your work for perfection is basically equivalent to holding yourself hostage. It will hurt you. You will forget your core values and you will also forget to actually learn from the process.
Holding out for perfection can cause you to unnecessarily second guess yourself and knock you into irrelevancy.
Let your audience figure out if you’re work is good or not.  After all, they are the critics that matter the most. If you’re work has flaws, they will let you know. Learn from it to improve. Let their feedback allow you to make the changes, not your brain.
It’s ok to settle for A- instead of A+, it’s like the old saying goes. “Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star.”