Month: June 2016

Designer Tips: Pretty Pictures Does Not Mean Sh*t

Earlier this week, I had a thought in my head regarding graphic designers who love placing the following text in the header of their portfolio site: “Hello, my name is John and I make pretty things.” Scroll down and you see images that are heartwarming yet empty. Images that have no process, thought, or purpose.

Designers are supposed to create a product that is aesthetically pleasing, but it does not mean you are limited to just that. I know dozens upon dozens of designers who hop on to Photoshop shortly after receiving the brief, which is fine as long as you are not already creating the final product.

 As a designer, you must find a process and stick to it. It does not matter what your process is as long say you have research, plan, and sketching as steps within your process. You would be better off spending 95% of the project time researching than spending that same amount of time making a pretty picture that does not mean anything to your client in the end.

Also, clients may end up wanting to make revisions to your ideas because it does not look appealing. Unless, the client has any other reason for changing up your concept, educate them as to why your idea works.

A problem that designers face today, is that people who aren’t designers look at our jobs as nothing but artists and should therefore not get paid at all.

Pretty icing on a cake will never solve problems. If the cake is bland, so is the experience.