Designer Tips: Why Designing Within Heavy Limits Can Be a Great Thing. 

I am always told that a designer’s typical monstrous nightmare involves being held by heavy corporate limitations. It can be extremely difficult to get your creativity motor going when your boundaries are holding you back. However, limitations will not only help you create your best work ever, but will also help sharpen your skills as a designer. Here are a few reasons why limits can be a good thing:
  1. You Will Find Things You Will Otherwise Not Find 
No boundaries are always fun, but it seems to never force you to look in the corners. This will allow you to have an easier time finding inspiration. Unlike other projects, you will be up close with the project allowing you to learn more about the project than you intended, and can easily relate to the project, which will ultimately enhance your role in the project.
  1. More Limits = More Pressure, More Pressure = Creativity
I do not think I need to elaborate on this. It has been proven that the more constraints a worker has, the better the work will be.
  1. Your Skills Will Soar
Your goal as a designer is to solve a problem. Problems are always created under certain conditions. You job is to work around those conditions by any means necessary. There is a mighty chance that you will force yourself into learning new skills to demolish that problem. Those skills will make your life easier in future projects mainly because those walls that kept you in that box made you better.
  1. You Will Begin to Appreciate The Little Things
You will begin to realize that those little things that you sometimes kick to the side while you are working, whether they are tools or color palettes, are a big deal. It will make you more aware of your workflow and resources. It will also help you relearn some of the basics that you may have forgotten about design, because those bolder skills that you have learned over the years have been your primary focus.
  1. You May Find a Good Reason to Rebuild Those Limitations
You have tried everything only to finally find out that there is something legitimately wrong with the company’s brand. Maybe you have identified the main reason for the problem’s existence that constantly gets overlooked. You will begin to find solutions that may not exist inside the box, but outside. As long as you can confidently confirm that, you will have a good reason to reinvent that wheel to create something great.

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