Designer Tips: Will Web Designers Become Obsolete?

With the rise of different web technologies that help businesses create a website in under 15 minutes, web designers fear that their jobs will become worthless.  Because anybody can build a website, there must not be a point for a web designer to help do the job right?
The way we designers do things  now may become obsolete, but I doubt our jobs will be. Web designers will change with the industry. In fact, web designers have already adapted to these technologies that threaten to steal our jobs. For example, Squarespace is a tool that is used by businesses to build websites quickly. Even though the tool seems to be easy, the truth is, people still struggle to get their website right. There are designers who have dedicated their talents to Squarespace, to further help business owners maintain a good looking, functional website. Instead of fighting off these site builders, work with them. You already have a strong sense of web design. By combining your skills and learning a platform, you can probably make something greater than you have ever imagined.
Design is ever changing. There will never be a point in time when a solution to all of the web’s problems will be reached. As long as there are people wanting to send a specific message out, web designers will continue to push.
Just like design, the internet is changing. The ways people interact and interpret the internet are changing as well. It is likely that web designers will be working at a much greater level, if the way web design as we know it, becomes automated. Web designers will be focusing on the more intricate aspects of the web. Web sites may very well take a different form before designers become obsolete.
As the industry changes, the job position will change. Designers will be around as long as the web is around.

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