Designer Tips: How to Gain New Skills On a Regular Basis as a Designer

In a field where things are changing on a weekly basis, it is imperative that you as a designer, are upgrading and adding things to your skill toolkit. Here are some ways to stay on top of your game.
Be Clear On Your Goals
Think about what you would like to learn and why. Make sure that the skills you are about to learn are skills that you plan on using in your work frequently. Be aware that what you will attempt to learn may very well be hard, so by staying clear on your goals, you can stay honest with yourself.
Surround Yourself with Successful Designers
Hanging around successful designers will practically guarantee that you will gain endless amounts of skills. Other designers can reveal tips that aren’t talked about regularly that can enhance your skills. Also, it is easier to hold yourself accountable if you are hanging with a group of designers who are growing at a rapid rate.
Stay Adaptable
Never get frustrated when technologies change. Instead, be excited. Great things take time and if you need to spend some time trying to understand new concepts, it will pay off. The industry only cares about designers who can work well with today’s technologies and today’s ideologies.
Love What You Do
Is anything you don’t love and not know how it’s doing today? The same thing can be said about design. If you really love design, by default, you are going to learn a ton about it, Also, loving what you do will help you follow the previous tips with little to no effort.
What are some tips that can help designers stay marketable in today’s time? Comment down below.

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