Month: February 2018

Quick Tip: How to Go About Firing a Client

A fear that many freelancers have is discontinuing a project that they have been working with a client. Not only do freelancers lose out on cash but they also fear that saying no may create a conflict that may end up resulting in bad things throughout their career. Dropping a difficult client may be a bit intimidating, but can become easy if handled appropriately.
Assess the situation.
Evaluate the situation. What is the reason why you believe the project should be discontinued? It is possible that there may be a solution that you are not aware of? For instance, if you’re struggling on a project because of the lack of skills and knowledge to complete it, why not outsource your project elsewhere? Truly reflect on why the project is difficult before making the final decision.
Have a thorough discussion with your client about what can be done on their end to improve the project.
If nothing else can be done, sit down with the client and try to find ways on their end that will greatly improve or save the project. It is possible that there may be some miscommunication as it could be the reason why the project is being so rough. Often times, a good understanding between both parties can help the wheels turn a lot smoother.
How to Stop the Project
If you are still losing resources and are not moving closer to the end. The next best thing to do is discontinuing the project. Let the client know that the project is not working out. Provide the client anything that will be compensated and refund unused cash. The important thing is to make the client feel they are not to blame. The last thing you would want to do is make your clients feel horrible (whether they are truly at fault or not).
Even though you were unable to fulfill their request, let them know that you will be available and happy to work with them again in the future. Even if it is a client you are dreading and never really would to work  with in the future, the message will leave the two of you in a relatively brighter spot that may or may not help in terms of referrals and your reputation.

The 5 Hidden Advantages of Freelancing



Aside from being able to work from home and reporting to work at your own terms and being your own boss, there are many hidden advantages in freelancing as a designer or developer. The things that you’ll find useful for your future can be acquired as you progress through your freelance career.

1. Set your environment up for success.

If your day job requires you to work in a station, it can be incredibly difficult to take full control of your office space. As a freelancer, you have full control. You can very easily set yourself up for success. You can do things such as shutting off your office phone and isolating yourself to help improve productivity. You can also surround yourself with things that help inspire you so that you can get that extra advantage over a typical office worker.

2. You have a stronger source of inspiration.

By not having to stay at an establishment and staying stationary, your mind can be refreshed if you are a creative nomad. By exposing yourself to different environments and settings, you can begin to think differently about the way you work and how you can tackle a particular project.

3. Free Services

Maybe, not entirely free services, but if you are open to the idea of not being compensated monetarily, maybe you can instead get a particular service for a discounted price. Maybe you can get free laundry cleaning from that laundromat you have been doing web work for on a regular basis. Your clients will most likely be okay with an idea like this since they won’t have to reach in their pockets and can instead provide a service that may not cost them as much on their end. If you can cut spending on a regular service or product that you typically purchase, it can be a bit rewarding to get it for free.

4. Learn Business

Not only will you be forced to learn how to run a successful freelancing business, but you will be exposed to different industries and how they run their business in terms of learning how to reach objectives. Unlike a typical worker, you will learn business a bit quicker since you will be working alongside people with similar goals working within different business models.

5. Network Growth

Something that a stationary designer cannot do as effectively is increase their network. As a freelancer, it is easier since those who will want to keep you on speed dial will most likely be other businesses. Businesses would much rather keep contacts of freelancers because they pretty much work like them and will have the time to deliver quality work unlike a 9-to-5er. You will be able to get referrals from people in different industries which is a huge plus.

There are many things that one can find as they progress through their freelancing career. They are things that can make your life easier and can help you in your future endeavors. What are some things or advantages you have acquired as a freelancer? Fell free to comment below.